Chalk It Up: Breaking the stigma of mental health with chalk drawings and messages | to live

Written in a rainbow of colors, messages of hope, love, acceptance and understanding adorn sidewalks and parking lots at schools, nonprofits and businesses.

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kAm”(6 H2?E65 E@ >2<6 E9:D 2 7F? 6G6?ED@ E92E A6@A=6 H@F=5 2DD@4:2E6 >6?E2=962=E9 H:E9 7F? :?DE625 @7 D@>6E9:?8 E92E J@F D9@F=5?’E E2=<23@FE :E[” '6DE D2:5] “$:?46 :E 92D 364@>6 DF49 2? :DDF6 7@CD@ >2?J A6@A=6[ H6 ?665 E@ >2<6 :E ?@C>2= E@ E2=< 23@FE] tG6CJ3@5J H:== 6IA6C:6?46 D@>6 <:?5 @7 >6?E2= 962=E9\EJA6 :DDF6[ H96E96C :E 36 DEC6DD @C 2?I:6EJ[ 2E D@>6 A@:?E]”k^Am

kAm%96 r9FC49 2E $E@?6 #:G6C 2=D@ @C82?:K65 2 |6?E2= w62=E9 pH2C6?6DD |@?E9 6G6?E]%96 49FC49’D (@9 =:DE:4 |6?E2= U2>Aj w62=E9 $6>:?2C H:== E2<6 A=246 E@52J 2E bib_\dib_ A]>]2nd E96 49FC49[ b_`c s2?G:==6 #@25 $](]%96 D6>:?2C 😀 7C66 2?5 @A6? E@ E96 AF3=:4]k^Am

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