Chippendale favorite LP’s Quality Meats closes its restaurant for good

While it saddens us to report this, Quality Meats from Chippendale’s favorite smoked meat masters LP’s will be closing its restaurant doors for good. For eight years, the streets of Chippo have been filled with plumes of delicious cherry wood, while Chef and Owner Luke Powel, along with partner and manager Tanya Houghton, served specialty snags, cold smoked trout, mash and gravy and just about anything you could wish for. can think of smoking for the eager masses.

A short shutdown in 2020 to revamp the converted warehouse space into a full production kitchen started the evolution away from casual fine dining.

More recently, chef Isobel Little took over, but the pandemic hasn’t made it easy for the team. Fortunately, Sydney’s appetite for the famous small goods has remained strong, and the restaurant’s closure is an opportunity for production to ramp up from the Chippen Street warehouse space.

In a post to the LP’s Instagram, a special shout-out was made to the extraordinary staff, both current and past, who made dining at LP’s a seriously fun experience, while citing the difficulties of the past few years. We are so lucky to have had this incredible restaurant in the Sydney arsenal and already miss it. Bookings close on August 21, so if you want one last crack head over to LP’s Quality Meats website here to secure a spot.

Not ready to say goodbye yet? Check out the team’s great pizza place, Bella Brutta.

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