Chris Baio of The Cousin of Vampire Weekend is now on display with the New York Yankees

Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend is proud of his cousin Harrison Bader, a baseball player who broke through in the Major Leagues in 2017. And now he will have his cousin a little closer to home, after Bader moved from the St. Louis Cardinals to the New York Yankees for lefthanded pitcher Jordan Montgomery. The cousins ​​both grew up in Bronxville, New York, and Bader will now play his home games in the Bronx, the borough of New York where he attended the elite Horace Mann School. The move was made just before the 6 p.m. today (Aug. 2) deadline for MLB teams to transact with MLB players.

Baio posted a note from MLB about the trade to his Instagram story, captioned with a series of cursive exclamation points. In a statement to Pitchfork, Baio said: “It’s a dream come true for our family and I’m more than excited to support Harrison and our hometown team!”

Bay first saw Bader will play in the majors in September 2018 during a home game for St. Louis against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Bader has posted 1.5 fWAR in midfield for the Cardinals this year in 72 games, good enough for a WRC+ of 93. He won his first Golden Glove – awarded to the best fielder in each position – in 2021. he traded in, Jordan Montgomery, amassed 1.4 fWAR in 114 innings in 21 starts for the Yankees this season, and racked up a 3.69 ERA.

Both cousins ​​are distant relatives of actor Scott Baio, the son of Chris’s paternal grandfather’s brother. Baio’s latest album dead hand control dropped in 2021.


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