Chris Dawson homicide case postponed for a week due to prosecutor’s COVID-19 diagnosis

The high-profile murder trial of Chris Dawson has been postponed for a week after SC Attorney General Craig Everson tested positive for COVID-19.

The NSW Supreme Court is today due to hear the second day of evidence from Mr Dawson’s twin brother, Peter.

Given Mr Everson’s seven-day isolation requirements, the judge-only trial will hear the rest of Peter Dawson’s evidence next Tuesday.

Former school teacher Chris Dawson, 73, pleaded not guilty to the murder of his wife Lynette 40 years ago after she disappeared from their family home in Bayview, on Sydney’s northern beaches.

The Crown’s case is entirely circumstantial, as Mrs Dawson’s body has never been found.

A taped 1991 police interview was played in court yesterday, where Dawson said the allegations that he wanted to hire a hit man to kill his wife were a “complete and total fabrication”.

The allegations were made by a student at the school where he taught physical education. The student, who can only be identified as JC, later became his second wife.

“The whole purpose of…bringing the allegations forward is to put my character in a bad light with an upcoming custody battle that has turned extremely nasty and bitter,” Dawson told the detectives in the video.

He also told them that JC knew nothing about “the nights I lay awake crying hoping for some contact from Lyn”.

JC previously told the court that Mr Dawson had driven her to a Sydney suburban building in 1981 to stage a hit man, but he flipped after realizing innocent people would be killed.

Dawson denies the murder of his first wife Lynette, who went missing in 1982.Delivered.

On Monday, Judith Solomon, who worked with Lynette at a bank until 1966, told the court that her colleague had a “big, horrible black eye” when she ran into the couple at Warringah Mall a few years later.

“What did she tell you about her black eye?” Early Crown Prosecutor Craig Everson SC.

“She walked into a doorway,” the witness replied.

Ms. Solomon said when they broke up, she saw Dawson “pulling her by the arm” and saying “what were you doing that for?”.

During a cross-examination, she revealed that she had been listening to the podcast The Teacher’s Pet, which portrayed Dawson in “a very dark light”.

Defense attorney Pauline David asked Ms. Solomon if she was thinking of “Mr. Dawson with a new suspicion?” after listening to the podcast.

“Yes,” she replied.

Annette Leary worked with Lynette at the Warriewood Children’s Center in the early 1980s.

She previously told the court that she saw bruises on her colleague’s throat just days before she disappeared from her home in Bayview in 1982.

Dawson insists he has nothing to do with Lynette’s disappearance.

The trial for Judge Ian Harrison resumes next week.

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