Civic Vacation: Ottawa Residents Enjoy the Outdoors

Ben Moreau and his friends arrived in the capital by boat Monday morning, taking advantage of the long weekend. In recent days, temperatures have risen above 30 degrees with clear sunny skies.

“We’ll have a few drinks, relax and have a good meal and relax and enjoy the city,” he said, enjoying his view of Ottawa from the Rideau Canal. ‘We’re going to sit on the boat for a few days. We stay for five days until Friday and we go up a few locks and return to Montebello where we come from.

On Sparks Street, Amy Cassem and her family recently moved into town from Jasper, Alberta, and chose to visit Buskerfest in the midst of the heat.

“I feel like there should be palm trees, where are my palm trees, where is my beach?” she said.

Just 20 miles east of downtown Ottawa, there were no palm trees, but the green flag was flying, drawing crowds to the beach on Petrie Island.

“It’s a beautiful day, it seems like everyone is here, they were thinking the same thing,” said Karen Prentice, taking her two-year-old onto the water.

Those who arrived later in the day had some trouble finding parking.

“Parking on Petrie Island is crazy trying to get a spot,” said Darrell Hawryluk, who found a spot after ten minutes. “You drive around until you find someone whose departure.”

For those lucky enough to get a spot, the extra day off was an opportunity to soak up the sun.

“The weather is great. Nice boat, nice weather, what more could you want?” said Moreau.

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