Come work for Ars and write about cool technology

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Do you have a passion for technology and are you good at writing about it? If so, let’s talk.

Ars is looking for a Technology Reporter/Product Specialist. In short, we want someone who knows a lot about smart homes, networks, NAS, Android, tablets, wearables and/or PCs and likes to write about them. You don’t need to know everything about all of those things, but you should have in-depth knowledge in any of those areas, as well as the intellectual curiosity to learn about everything our technical and reviews section covers.

Job description

Ars Technica is seeking a Technology Reporter and Product Specialist with deep expertise in laptops, computer peripherals, phones, tablets, smartwatches, IoT devices and other consumer electronics.

The Technology Reporter will report to the Senior Reviews Editor and will produce daily content, including informed news and analysis, as well as regular reviews with an emphasis on benchmarks and testing, along with the analysis that Ars Technica is known for.

We are looking for a strong writer who can not only help the company that is the driving force behind today’s technological innovations, but who can also write clear and compelling prose that is accessible to readers from a wide variety of technical backgrounds. – and which can serve all those readers well with analysis.

This is a remote position.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Write regularly about technology product news, including but not limited to smart home appliances, networks, network connected storage, Android, PCs, laptops, peripherals, tablets and other gadgets
  • Live blog product announcements as indicated
  • Take photos and edit images as needed for reviews and coverage
  • Collaborate with editors to generate story ideas
  • Occasionally write comprehensive articles on in-depth topics as assigned
  • Travel as needed
  • Other journalistic duties as directed by management


  • 2 or more years of professional writing experience is a must
  • Ability to produce high-quality product reviews and analysis to match Ars’ writing style
  • In-depth knowledge of technical equipment, such as smart home devices, networks, wearables, operating systems and/or PC hardware
  • Dedication to technical depth (and learning to go deeper) and to the craft of writing
  • Passion for the latest and greatest technological products

This is a union function.

Interested? Visit the Condé Nast Careers site to apply.

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