‘Congratulations on someone else’s bravery’

Sarah Jessica Parker has a million things to do and stress about her age is not.

The Sex and the city star recently revealed her age indifference in an interview with glamourclarifying that her decision to wear gray hair was not an act of courage, but convenience.

“I don’t have time to get a base color every two weeks. I can’t. No. Too much,” Parker said.

The 57-year-old actress inadvertently received high praise last summer after being photographed eating dinner in Manhattan, shaking what many claimed to be “herringbone highlights,” a term she wasn’t even familiar with.

“It turned into months and months of conversation about how brave I am to have gray hair,” she said of the aftermath of the photo.

Herringbone highlights use natural gray hair as a form of highlight instead of masking them with hair dye.

“Oh wow! That’s… what are they?” Parker said of the style that has become increasingly popular among women who want to embrace their graying hair.

Parker actually never stopped dyeing her hair and kind of stumbled into the herringbone look due to her busy schedule and inability to constantly touch up her gray hair. However, she does not find this decision courageous in the least.

“I was like, please, please cheer someone else’s courage,” she said.

Parker’s general approach to aging reflects her thoughts on gray hair. Who cares?

“I just don’t understand why I have to spend so much time thinking about it,” she said.

She doesn’t completely ignore the passage of time, but sees no point in dwelling on something so natural.

“It’s not that I’m purposely rejecting or delusional, but I don’t really think about it. There’s been a lot more peripheral chatter about my time on Earth than I’ve thought about it myself,” she said.

In any case, Parker is grateful for the lessons, wisdom and experiences that have come over the years.

“I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to relate to aging, living, time spent on Earth. But mine is, there are a million things I want to do with my free time, and none of them have to do with conservation [what I look like] now or trying to go back to 15 years ago,” she said, adding that she has much better ways of spending her limited free time. “All I think about is, ‘Where am I going to eat?’ “Which books am I going to bring?” “Can we go to that strange little restaurant?” “Will the water be warm enough where I want to swim?” Wordle too,’ she said.

This doesn’t mean she’s totally against some of the daring luxuries in life and still fancy a good hair appointment and skincare routine.

“It’s not that I don’t take a moment every night to wash my face and apply a moisturizer. I do!”

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