Council advocates outdoor swimming pool

By Holly McGuinness

The Brimbank council will lobby the state government for an outdoor pool at the Brimbank Aquatic and Wellness Center (BAWC)

The Council said it was necessary to secure government funding for the $10 million after it funded most of the construction costs for the water and wellness center.

The Council contributed $60 million to the project, with the government providing $2 million.

The centre, which is still under construction, will feature four indoor swimming pools, but it lacks a 25m outdoor pool, which was a feature of the previous St Albans Leisure Centre.

A report to the council meeting on Tuesday, July 19, said that given the level of funding required, the council was the most appropriate option for seeking funding ahead of the November state election.

“An important consideration is that any commitment from the state government must be made for the full amount of the total cost, as the board has invested significantly in the development of the BAWC and there is currently no related allocation in the 10-year capital work program of the BAWC. council,” the report said.

“Long-term, the council could consider advocacy approaches ahead of future federal budgets.”

Councilor Virginia Tachos welcomed the council’s decision to seek government funding for the outdoor pool.

“I applaud the council for continuing strong advocacy for the outdoor swimming pool for St Albans, as well as seeking wider funding for sunshine and sports facilities in Brimbank,” she said.

“We must continue to strongly advocate working with the municipality at all levels to ensure that our facilities are not solely funded by taxpayers.

“At some point we have to work with the state and federal government, and we can see that when projects are delivered in partnership. We also get better quality from that project”

Cr Bruce Lancashire said land was already set aside for the pool.

“…Everything is set to keep that kind of development going once we get the funding, so that and any other ideas the council may have in terms of getting projects ready before there are any potential grant opportunities is something we’re definitely doing and I would encourage it to keep doing it,” he said.

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