Court reopens, witnesses begin to testify publicly in rape case against NT police officer

During the rape trial of a police officer in the Northern Territory, the accused was heard to have been spoken to by a colleague about his relationship with the alleged victim, before allegations of “improper conduct” were made.

Patrick Carson pleaded not guilty to two charges of unauthorized sexual intercourse, related to two alleged incidents involving a young woman he had befriended in 2020.

His attorney told the jury at the beginning of the trial that the defense would be that there was “no sexual intercourse of any kind” on either occasion.

She does, however, state that there is no doubt that the suspect and complainant were occasionally alone together.

The trial, which began last week, has been closed to the public and media until today.

The trial was reopened to the public and media today after a week of behind-closed-door evidence. ABC News: Che Chorley

In a statement read in court, an acquaintance and colleague of Mr Carson, who also knew the alleged victim, said he recalled telling Mr Carson to “be careful” and “don’t do stupid things.” to do”.

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