COVID in WA: Acting Prime Minister Roger Cook sees no need to reintroduce mask wearing

Acting Prime Minister Roger Cook said WA’s leading vaccination rates are weakening the case for reintroducing mask mandates in response to rising COVID cases across the country.

The former health minister said he “didn’t necessarily see the need to introduce any sort of masking measures” despite growing fears of a third wave of COVID – fueled by new Omicron subvariants – that appears to be gaining momentum across Australia. to win.

Over the weekend, WA Chief Health Officer Andy Robertson warned that an increase in Omicron strains BA4 and 5, which now account for half of WA cases, meant people were reinfecting with the virus as early as four weeks after they first became ill. were infected.

Current national health advice is that Australians who have had COVID cannot be considered close contacts and should not be retested for the virus 12 weeks after recovery.

dr. Robertson said the policy is now being considered “at the national level” as the number of active cases in Australia – and WA – resumes an upward trajectory.

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