Dashcam footage shows deadly car chase in Maryland – NBC4 Washington

Dashcam footage shows the moment a car being chased by police crosses a double yellow line and hits a man driving to work in Maryland.

The video shows the driver of the striking car driving away. He was eventually captured and charges are pending, according to the Maryland Attorney General’s office.

The murdered person was 66-year-old Jonny Morris.

The video of the crash was released by the Maryland Attorney General’s office, which assesses fatal incidents involving police.

The chase took place on June 8 near White House Road. A police station in Prince George’s County was chasing two cars that refused to stop, officials said.

Thomas Lester, of the AG’s independent investigation division, said they are investigating why the officer was chasing the cars in the first place.

“What we know so far is that the officer attempted a traffic stop on those two vehicles. The two vehicles failed to stop,” Lester said.

The two cars involved were reported stolen, Lester added.

The Attorney General’s independent investigation into the incident could take months. Meanwhile, Morris’s family has hired a private attorney to monitor the progress of the investigation.

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