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Cinema & Dance – Art in motion

A hybrid discipline that is particularly at the intersection of choreography and cinematography. This is an exchange that represents cinematic choreography and choreographic cinematography.

First of all, an obvious thing: dance and cinema have a deeply rooted point in common. Both are movement arts. How a dancer passes a stage, how an actress crosses a shot, are a way of saying how they inhabit the world: with speed or slowness, with joy or sorrow, with others or without them. The encounter between dance and film was therefore inevitable.

Of the beauty of the dancing body

The choreographic and cinematographic compositions abundantly offer what pleases the eye: the beauty of the body. However, we will have understood that beauty, the beautiful body of the dancer, depends on the dancer on a codification that itself comes from a discourse that seeks to establish the perfect body. The rapture, in the religious sense of the word (transport to heaven) felt in the spectacle of the dance, is based on these striking cinematographic images, admirably interwoven and centered around the body. In this case we can speak of flashes. Beauty depends on the appearance of the camera, which draws attention to itself. It is maintained by the adhesion between the movements of the camera and the movements of the dancing body, which finds its limit in the speed of execution.

Dance and film, two arts that meet: the principle of film, moving image and dance, moving bodies…

A film project, photos about dance, Beauty where these passions feed each other, Cinematography, Photography and Choreography… write a story about Beauty with Light.
David Nissen


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