Dearborn Is Already Teaching Personal Finance Before New State Requirement – Press & Guide

Dearborn Public Schools was already offering high school students a personal finance course at the university level, even before the governor recently signed a new law requiring students to take such a course.

The district, in partnership with Henry Ford College, began offering Personal Finance, or BFN 141, to all three traditional high schools and the Henry Ford Early College programs this school year.

The personal finance class is available to any student who is interested, and the course can earn credit if students choose to register through dual enrollment. Unlike most dual-enrollment colleges, students can take Personal Finance at their home high school — Fordson, Dearborn High, or Edsel Ford — instead of traveling to the Henry Ford College campus.

On June 16, 2022, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill requiring all students to take half a credit of personal finance to complete high school.

The requirement begins with the Class of 2027, which includes students entering eighth grade in the fall.

Personal finance covers topics like balancing a checking account, different types of investments, compound interest rates, and more. Students taking related career/technical courses such as accounting would also meet the requirement.

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