Deaths from COVID-19, hospitalizations have risen, NB report says

New Brunswick recorded five more deaths related to COVID-19 last week, up one from the previous week, according to the weekly report released Tuesday.

Public Health also recorded 675 PCR-confirmed COVID-19 cases last week, of which 403 belonged to the age group 50 and older who started getting second booster shots in April.

Public health does not provide the age groups associated with the deaths.

The number of active COVID cases in the province is 993.

In an interview with CBCs Shiftsaid deputy medical officer of health Dr. Yves Léger that the province is still in a period of increased COVID-19 activity.

“The message we want to continue to give to individuals, whether they’re over 50 or under 50 and they’re at risk or they’re not fully immunized, is that we want people to have that awareness,” he said. . “So they can take the measures that we’ve all learned to use over the past two years that can protect us from COVID.”

Earlier this year, the province lifted its COVID protections, including requirements about masks in public spaces.

Of last week’s PCR-confirmed cases, 86 percent of samples are from the BA.5 strain of the Omicron subvariant, up from 83 percent from the previous week.

The other percentages of cases for each Omicron subvariant are as follows:

  • 0 percent of samples are BA.1, no change from last week

  • 2 percent of samples are BA.2, down 11 percent last week

  • 0 percent of samples are BA.3, no change from last week

  • 12 percent of samples are BA.4, up from six percent last week

The number of deaths and hospitalizations has soared for New Brunswick this week. (Government of New Brunswick)

The number of hospitalizations from COVID-19 has also risen to 22 this week, with most of the admissions being for those over 70. There were two IC shots

The county’s report shows that the most recent national data shows that the number of deaths from COVID-19 continues to rise.

The county’s two health authorities also publish weekly reports, but the categories — and often the criteria — differ from the county’s weekly report. For example, the province only reports on patients admitted for COVID, and hospitals record patients diagnosed with the disease after being admitted for something else.

Health Network’s numbers on Aug. 13 showed 90 active admissions, up from 75 in the previous week. (CBC)

According to data released Tuesday by both health authorities, Horizon Health Network saw an increase of 15 in-hospitalized patients with COVID-19, while Vitalité Health Network reported a dramatic decrease of 36 patients.

At Horizon, there were 90 active admissions, up from 75 the week before, five active ICU cases, up one, and 67 positive absences from PCR and rapid test personnel, up from 54.

Active admissions include all patients with isolation measures because they have COVID-19 infections.

There are also 21 units in all Horizon hospitals with COVID-19 outbreaks, up from 18 the week before.

Vitalité Health Network reported 21 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, up from 57 in the previous week.

The network said 144 health workers are absent due to COVID-19, down 150, and bed occupancy dropped from 99 percent to 98 percent.

The province also reports that 93.5 percent of New Brunswickers have a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, 88.4 percent have a second dose, and 53.3 percent have a booster dose.

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