DeeDee Cummings’ Daughter Inspires Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess Series

Kayla Pecchioni graduated from the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville in 2010 and learned to believe in her dreams from an early age.

She is a music theater performer best known for her groundbreaking roles in ‘The Book of Mormon’, ‘The Donna Summer Musical’ and ‘Dreamgirls’. Today Pecchioni performs on Broadway in the musical “Paradise Square”.

It’s a dream come true not only for Pecchioni but also for her mother, Deedee Cummings.

“We are so proud of her,” Cummings told The Courier Journal. “Following her dream and landing on Broadway is very much like a local high school football player who dreams of going to the NFL. It just doesn’t happen to everyone.”

The permission to dream big seems to be part of Pecchioni’s DNA or at least something her mother started to encourage at a very young age. Cummings, a mother of three, has big dreams of her own. She is a practicing therapist, a lawyer, and the founder of two nonprofit organizations that help children. She is also an award-winning author of 15 children’s books.

Her latest book series beautifully transforms the lessons and coping skills she has taught her own children and the patients she works with.

"Kayla: a modern day princess" five-part book series by Deedee Cummings

“Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess” is a series of five illustrated children’s books loosely based on her daughter’s life. Following the journey of a young black girl, they struggle like a modern-day princess trying to learn lessons in friendships, prejudice and self-confidence.

“The series is about a mother who sees how special her child is before her child can see it,” Cummings said. “And the mother never stops reminding her child how special she is.”

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