DeepBrain AI’s Human Video Synthesis Platform “AI STUDIOS” reaches 30K users.

  • AI STUDIOS won 30K subscribers and 500K visitors in just nine months.

  • The application of AI Humans and AI video synthesis is diverse

  • Industry leaders are rapidly adopting technology for DeepBrain AI

SAN MATEO, California.May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DeepBrain AI, an innovator of commercialized AI-generated Virtual Humans, announces that its AI STUDIOS video synthesis platform has more than 30,000 subscribers.

AI Studios is a video production tool that makes it easy to produce videos without the need to film or hire the real people. By combining DeepBrain’s AI Studios in the form of SaaS and a computer, it is possible to eliminate expensive studio, lighting, camera, set staff and even the video host. Just typing the script allows the AI ​​anchor to speak, use body language and gestures naturally, just like a real presenter.

AI STUDIOS is the main video synthesis platform that allows users to create AI Human recommended videos by simply typing a script. It is offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with a monthly subscription fee that gives small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) cost-effective access to human AI technology. The platform creates custom video content without the need for actors, cameras, or production crews.

Since it first opened as a beta service in June 2021AI STUDIOS has won over 30,000 subscribers South Koreathe United StatesAustraliaChinaand South East Asia† The total cumulative number of visitors is more than 500,000.

AI STUDIOS’ AI Human videos enable engaging communication with clients across industries such as banking, news, education, and social media influencers. A recent example is GS Engineering & Construction and their implementation of an “AI Concierge” that introduces apartment brands and highlights real estate features and amenities on its YouTube channel.

The concept of AI Humans is still relatively new, but global adoption is moving fast. Within Korea companies such as Hana Insurance, Hyundai Motor (Global Education Team), LG Innotek, Gyeongbuk Maeil, Kwangju University and Korea Crowdfunding Association, as well as US company AssetWorks, Australian operating robot company J&S Robotics, Vietnamese investment company Vina Hedge Fund, China video platform Winemysher and Great Media TV use AI STUDIOS.

As the role of AI Humans grows rapidly around the world, interest in AI STUDIOS continues to keep pace. “We will continue to develop technologies and support functions so that every company can use human AI technology,” said Jang Se |-jong, CEO of Deep Brain AI.

DeepBrain AI is regarded as the top company that has harnessed global technology for interactive artificial intelligence using deep learning-based video synthesis and speech synthesis technology. It has attracted attention as an AI Human (Artificial Human) solution that creates virtual humans capable of real-time two-way communication through deep artificial intelligence technology and was recently highlighted in the Wall Street Journal as the company that developed AI Yoon Seok. . -yeol, which was used during the 20th presidential election in Korea.

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(PRNews photo / DeepBrain AI)

(PRNews photo / DeepBrain AI)


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