Diane Warren apologizes for tweets questioning songwriting credits on Beyonce album – The Hollywood Reporter

Diane Warren has apologized after receiving criticism for her tweets that seemingly mentioned the songwriting credits featured on Beyoncé’s seventh studio album. Renaissance.

In a tweet shared Monday, Warren posed the question, “How can there be 24 writers on a song?” next to an eye-rolling emoji. Warren then followed up with another tweet: “This is not intended as a shade, I’m just curious.”

Warren later tweeted, “Okay, it’s prob samples that add up the number of writers.”

Though Warren didn’t directly mention Beyoncé in her tweets, the songwriter has been criticized by fans who accused the songwriter of seemingly calling out Beyoncé by referencing one of her songs, “Alien Superstar,” which featured more than 20 writers in the credits due to the use of sampling and interpolations.

An user wrote, “How have you been in the game for 80 years and don’t know how samples work?” to which Warren replied, “Because I don’t use them.”

Roxane Gay too responded to Warren’s first tweet who wrote, “Now, now. It was meant to be shade. Own it if you’re going to say it.”

The-Dream, who collaborated with Beyoncé on Renaissancealso fell in, to write“You mean what about our (black) culture with so many writers, well it started because we couldn’t afford certain things, so we started sampling and it became an art form, an important part of black culture (hip hop) in America. If that era hasn’t happened, who knows. Are you okay?”

In response, Warren wrote, “I didn’t mean that as an attack or disrespect. I didn’t know this, thanks for letting me know. You don’t have to be mean about that.”

Warren, who has also worked with Beyoncé before and credited as the songwriter for her song “I Was Here,” later apologized for her initial tweets, explaining that she meant “no disrespect” to the singer: “Okay, I meant no disrespect for @Beyonce, with whom I have worked and admire. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.”

Beyoncé has not yet publicly responded to Warren’s tweets.

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