Digital Collages from Beto Val Splice Vintage Illustrations to Surreal Hybrid Creatures


#animals #Beto Val #collage #digital #nature #surreal

July 28, 2022

Grace Ebert

All images © Beto Val, shared with permission

Ecuadorian artist Beto Val alchemises vintage illustrations into bizarre compositions that mix fruit with poultry and aquatic life with land animals. Using images available through the public domain, Val cuts and repositions fins, wings and scaly claws into surreal creatures: round owl faces peer out from pineapples, fall leaves sprout from tropical birds, and a view reminiscent of a biological map shows fish. with bodies made of strawberries, brains and an early industrial locomotive. Blending the analog illustrations with the artist’s digital manipulations, the collages encompass a range of characters from whimsical to absurd.

Val offers prints and other goods in his shop, and his book, The great book of the imaginary animal kingdom, is available at Bookstore. You can follow the strange hybrids he comes up with next on Instagram.

#animals #Beto Val #collage #digital #nature #surreal

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