Does a four-day work week help mental health?

(WFSB) – The UK has launched the world’s largest four-day workweek experiment to see if it will improve mental health.

“We’re trying to be more productive and creative in a shorter amount of time and then get more rest,” said Shaun Rutland CEO of Hutch Games Ltd.

Fewer days don’t mean less work, says Shaun Rutland.

“You have to work extremely hard and extremely compressed. So, and I think investors need to hear about that,” Rutland says.

Workers get 100% pay for fewer days, but must maintain full productivity.

“It was sometimes a struggle to get on top of everything and stay on top of everything,” Rutland says.

Employees say that an extra day off is nice.

“It’s been great. I managed to do a lot of extracurricular activities,” said George Coles, studio manager at Hutch.

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