Dog news: ‘Sickening’ pet attack mauled by large dog in broad daylight | UK | News

Deeply shocking footage shows the moment when a large dog grabbed a much smaller breed in the mouth in London. It refused to let go until it was forced.

A third, also smaller dog, was dragged away from the scene.

The attacking dog seemed to be running loose.

You see two men wrestle with the animals as they try to free the little dog from its jaws.

The small dog’s owner let out a hair-raising scream as she held on to her dog’s leash.

She also demanded that someone “call the police”.

The attack took place in Drayton Park, Islington.

Labor councilor Khayer Chowdhury even described it as “sickening”.

He wrote in a post on Twitter: “There needs to be a nationwide crackdown on dangerous dog owners.

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“They should be severely punished…

“The poor little dog escaped with his life.

“Just sickening.”

Mr Chowdhury added that “this could have been a baby or toddler”. has approached London’s Metropolitan Police for a statement about the incident.

Officers urged the person who uploaded the shocking video footage to Twitter to contact the officers with details.

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