Dog owners warned to clean up sports fields

By Matthew Sims

Hobsons Bay and Maribyrnong sports clubs have reminded dog owners to clean up after their dogs at all times.

Newport Storm Vice President Ahmad Elhawli said the club has encouraged residents to carry a doggie bag at all times and clean up after their dogs at AW Bond Reserve in Altona North.

“The dog poo left behind has caused problems for many of our younger players who accidentally step in the droppings and have some of them slip,” he said.

“If we all do our part, we can ensure that the facilities and grounds remain safe and clean for the young football players and all visitors.

“Club staff are constantly required to clean up dog poop to ensure a safe and clean playing environment.”

Mr Elhawli said all visitors should ensure they leave the park in the same condition.

“Unfortunately, the droppings are scattered around the pitch and also around the club facilities,” he said.

“We would just encourage dog owners using the park to do the right thing.”

Yarraville Seddon Football Club secretary Lincoln Attersall said he discovered an average of about three droppings on Yarraville Oval each week.

“I am a dog owner myself and I find this very frustrating,” he said.

“Before the start of the matches someone has to do an official ‘ground inspection’ for insurance purposes.

“As volunteers, we have so much to do to prepare for competitions.”

The Council’s animal protection officers regularly patrol the many streets, reserves and beaches within the borough and deal with a variety of issues and violations as soon as they are discovered, including dog feces violations.

Under local law, dog owners can be fined $200 for not carrying a litter box, picking up their dog, or not having their dog on a leash unless in a designated off-leash area.

Municipalities offer dog poop bags as a convenience for dog owners in the municipalities.

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