Drake was trolled on Instagram and he followed the man’s wife as revenge

Well, Drake just reminded the internet why he shouldn’t be trolled.

The Toronto icon took to social media Tuesday night after following the wife of someone who tried to toast him and his son on Instagram.

It all started when Drizzy commented on a post from NBA shooting coach Chris Matthew, addressing criticisms of the sideline behavior of dads LaVar Ball and Tee Morant.

The post encourages people to support positive father figures no matter how they appear in front of their sons, with the rapper offering his two cents on the matter.

“Imagine your son getting into the league and he’s Ja Or Melo or Lonzo. All you can do is be elated and competitive and overly supportive and it’s a right of way to that talk from the OG, I know that I will be like that even if my son enters a Rubix Cube competition,” Drake wrote.

And then a user decided to hit Drake with this whopper:

“Your son prolly plays with ghostwriters.”

A move that caused the Hotline Bling singer to say he would follow the troll’s wife on Instagram, which he did because the Champagne Papi does what he wants.

Of course, chaos immediately ensued, with the commenter’s partner appearing to get the joke via her Instagram stories.

She also warned people about the fake accounts that started showing up with her name, in case you wanted to remember how weird the internet is. It’s just so weird.

Overall, it seems like the feud ended on a harmless note, assuming, of course, this person doesn’t leave her husband for Drake, which would be a very spirited development.

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