Dylan Diaz Arrested in Damaris Maravilla Death – NBC New York

An 18-year-old mother who was found dead Friday in a Brooklyn home was brutally sexually assaulted before her boyfriend allegedly broke her neck while unconscious and killed her, according to an indictment.

Dylan Diaz, 26, was taken into custody at a house on West Sixth Street in Bensonhurst, which law enforcement sources say belongs to him in connection with the Friday murder of Damaris Maravilla.

Maravilla was discovered unconscious, face up in bed, by officers who responded to a 911 call that morning. She was pronounced dead on the spot.

The dead woman and Diaz shared a 6-month-old baby, law enforcement sources said. He is now on trial for second-degree murder.

According to the indictment, Diaz put his arm around Maravilla’s neck and pinched her until she lost consciousness. He brutally sexually assaulted her, then grabbed her by the neck and broke her neck while she was still blacked out, court documents say.

Diaz was sent back to jail Sunday night after a hearing. It was not immediately clear whether he was making a plea. An email request for comment on his attorney file was not immediately returned Monday morning.

A neighbor said he was shocked but not surprised by the young woman’s death. He said there was a history of domestic violence involving the couple. And that he wished he’d gotten in earlier.

“I knew that one day he would hit her very badly,” said the neighbor on Sunday. ‘I saw her yesterday. I told her if the baby needs anything let me know. If you want to get away from this man, I can help you, put you in a hotel, a shelter.’

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