Elizabeth Warren Scored $730,350 Book Advance, Per Disclosure Last Year

  • sen. Elizabeth Warren reported a significant book advance in her 2021 financial disclosure.
  • The Democrat received $730,350 from Macmillan Publishing, data shows.
  • Macmillan Publishing oversaw “Persist” and “Pinkie Promises,” both Warren titles to be released in 2021.

The literary money keeps pouring in for Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The Massachusetts legislator got a $730,350 book advance last year, according to its 2021 financial disclosure. The hefty advance came from Macmillan Publishing Group LLC, records reviewed by Insider show.

Macmillan published Warren’s children’s book “Pinkie Promises” in October 2021, and also oversaw the publication of her book “Persist,” which came out in May 2021. The two titles had already earned her a $250,000 advance in 2020, according to financial disclosures.

A spokesman for the senator confirmed to Insider that the most recent advance is a continuation of both books.

“Persist” was the No. 7 New York Times bestseller when it debuted last year before disappearing from the list the following week. The book chronicles Warren’s experiences as a mother and teacher and describes how her personal life helped shape her political positions. “Pinkie Promises” was a picture book about a girl named Polly who is running for class president.

The Boston Globe reported Friday that Warren’s annual income jumped from nearly $900,000 to $1.36 million last year thanks to the six-figure advance.

As Insider’s Kimberly Leonard reported in December, congressmen often reap big rewards for recording their publications. In 2020 alone, 26 lawmakers in the House and Senate raised $1.8 million from book advances and royalties, Insider found as part of its Conflicted Congress project.

Some even managed to earn more money writing books than they did as elected officials — a job that already comes with an annual salary of $174,000. Members of Congress are typically not allowed to earn more than $29,595 in income outside of their federal salaries per year, but book advances and royalties are one of the few exceptions to the rule.

It appears that Warren was able to capitalize on the legal loophole in a significant way: Her 2021 $730,350 deposit was nearly double the next highest payout assessed in Insider’s 2020 survey. sen. Tammy Duckworth, an Illinois Democrat, earned $382,500 in advances for her book “Every Day is a Gift: A Memoir.”

Other high earners among congressional authors in 2020 included Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Tom Cotton, and Senator Bernie Sanders.

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