Elon Musk’s answer to this Indian techie is the most recognizable content on the web. Look here

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared an interesting take on ice cream scoops.

A Twitter exchange between an Indian man and the CEO of SpaceX has made netizens laugh during a nostalgic journey.

Tesla CEO had shared a tweet on straws. In the post, he shared an image of a drink in a disposable cup designed to replace straws. While tweeting the photo, Musk also wrote: “Stop the war with straws!”

Following on from this trend, Indian IT professional Pranay Pathhole replied with a similar post regarding ice cream.

View the messages here

Musk responded to this message with a “100” emoji, indicating that he fully agrees with the message.

Musk’s answer, since it was shared a day ago, has racked up nearly 14,000 likes and the number is only growing. The post has also been retweeted more than 300 times.

“Agreed,” wrote one Twitter user. “Bit it till you split it”, another posted while talking about this one

The Twitter “friendship” between Elon Musk and Pranay Pathole started when the IT pro, who was an engineering student in 2018, tagged and shared the tech billionaire about Tesla’s automatic windshield wipers. They have been communicating on Twitter ever since.

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