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The gardens we see in popular culture, various ancient myths, the stories of our childhood and our daydreams? They are often depicted in direct sunlight.

This makes sense, of course: We want to appreciate the dramatic red of a rose, a lake in its ultimate sparkle, and all the green and grassy areas surrounding a garden’s full-to-bursting flower beds.

But there’s something alluring, even enchanting, about the chance to haunt a leafy, trail-filled plot as the midday heat softens, the sun’s powerful rays seem to soften and the evening’s critters begin to chirp, buzz. and buzz.

The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens may seem like a very different place as the shadows lengthen, but it’s not often possible to experience that ethereal transition into the night.

But a Summer Evening Walk, a summer series starting Saturday, June 11, is all about those softer rays, chirping critters, and connecting with the spectacular space as the day draws to a close.

Are there going to be a few such walks on certain evenings in the coming months and do you need to book your ticket in advance or have a pre-purchased ticket? That’s a must.

The start time for this ethereal adventure is 4:30 PM, which is 30 minutes before the San Marino Garden closes, so you’ll literally be crossing paths with day visitors enjoying a few last moments before they leave.

And the closing time for these special events? From June to early August at 8pm and from mid-August to September 2 at 7:30pm, the last date of 2022 of the series.

Add to the experience?

You can dine at 1919 Cafe, if you wish. The restaurant stays open until 7pm on any summer evening stroll and the bookshop stays open until 8pm.

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