Equinox Sky-High Yoga Returns to the Edge of New York City – WWD

Sky High Yoga is back.

In each class, several dozen people can practice yoga while being 1,100 feet above the Hudson Yards in Manhattan.
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Just in time for the return of warm weather, Equinox x Sky-High Yoga has returned to the outskirts of New York City. As the sun rises, several dozen yogis and dedicated morning people will be able to push their limits as they soar 1,100 feet above Manhattan’s Hudson Yards—on the highest open-air deck in the Western Hemisphere—for the third year in a row.

“We are excited to offer New Yorkers a unique experience that combines fitness with incredible views of New York City,” Jason Horkin, vice president of Hudson Yards Experiences, told WWD. He added that the partnership “has been wildly popular since we first offered classes in September 2020.”

So much so that every class offered sold out the same day, tickets have gone on sale. This year’s class schedule, which starts on May 11, is expected to be no different.

The 45-minute classes begin at 6:30 AM at Hudson Yards 30 and cost $50 per class. Additional classes are held on the mornings of May 18 and 25. While the end date for this year’s season has yet to be set, Sky-High Yoga classes ran from 2021 through September last year.

Hudson Yards in New York — that opened in March 2019 if one of the nation’s largest private developments – was conceived as a retail, residential and cultural space intended to attract visitors and residents to Manhattan’s west side with upscale shopping, dining, living spaces and new experiences. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown forced businesses and brands to operate in the area.

Meanwhile, privately owned luxury fitness company Equinox Group is valued at more than $7 billion. The company, which has offices in Hudson Yards, includes several brands operating in the fitness, hospitality, experience and apparel spaces, such as Equinox, Equinox Hotels, SoulCycle, Pure Yoga, Blink Fitness and more.

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