Exhibit with Street Artist Banksy Coming to Seattle

His identity is a mystery, but his work is here for all to see.

SEATTLE — A journey through the mind of a genius takes shape in downtown Seattle as the crews prepare for Friday’s opening of a colorful new exhibition for artist Banksy.

The show’s producer, Sorina Burlacu, said visitors will not only see the artist’s intentions, but also feel them.

“Trying to get into his brain and try to figure out what he was thinking when he was making all this art,” Burlacu said.

“The Art of Banksy: Without Limits” examines the work of the mysterious art world sensation that continues to captivate and enrage, excite and delight.

“He’s not just any street performer,” Burlacu said. “He’s also a brilliant mind.”

Starting out as a London graffiti artist, Banksy first worked in the shadows to avoid authorities.

“A hidden artist,” Burlacu said.

That anonymity now protects him from many of the typical demands of fame and lets the images speak volumes.

“All his statements, they are not just statements,” Burlacu said. “They are like a world statement.”

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This unauthorized traveling collection of over 150 pieces includes originals, prints, sculptures and meticulously detailed reproductions.

“Behind every piece of art you will find a story,” said Burlacu.

There’s even an immersive ‘infinity room’ experience with projected images mirrored on every wall.

‘He is smart. He’s a genius,’ said Burlacu.

The Banksy exhibit is on display in downtown Seattle in the Federal Reserve Building through September. Time-limited tickets can be purchased via this link.

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