Explore Barrow and Walney’s military structures for a virtual reality warscape

VOLUNTEERS are sought to survey Barrow and Walney Island defenses from World War I and World War II to contribute to a Virtual Reality (VR) model of the war landscape.

Morecambe Bay Partnership is looking for volunteers in the area to participate in a six-week hands-on training in archaeological research and digital interpretation.

Barrow has long been known for its history of shipbuilding, maritime industry and innovations in military defense engineering. This made the area a target for bombing in the First and Second World Wars.

To protect the town’s shipbuilding capabilities, defenses were built at Barrow, on Walney Island and the surrounding area. Many of the structures can still be seen, but most are destroyed by vandalism, coastal erosion and time.

The organization needs help to capture the remaining structures before they disappear completely.

The training will teach you how to create a professional overview of local military installations, how to search for historical information online and in the archives, and help you acquire the digital skills needed to contribute your research to an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) model of the war landscape.

Claire Bradshaw, archeology and heritage officer for the partnership, said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to explore this fascinating aspect of Barrow’s history and try new digital ways to share it with the community. We hope volunteers will gain the confidence to conduct their own research and develop skills in mathematical surveying, digital mapping and 3D modelling”

The training sessions will take place on Tuesday afternoon or evening from August 16.

Register here.

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