Family Leaves Food Court Table Full of Trash, Internet Says “Never Seen Such A Mess”

The outraged photo has been viewed thousands of times and has left the internet outraged. (Representative photo)

A shocking photo, taken just after a family left a KFC outlet in Saudi Arabia, has left the internet outraged. The image, shared on Reddit, shows stacks of KFC containers and half-eaten meals spread over three tables in a food court in Riyadh.

The table was so filthy that the surface was barely visible under plastic and paper containers, soda bottles and half-eaten leftovers from the fast-food chain, the Reddit photo showed. Piles of rubbish even fell to the floor and a puddle of soda remained untouched.

Since the photo was shared, it has been viewed thousands of times. According to news weekthe Reddit user said the mess was left behind by a family of about eight to 10 people.

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Speaking to the media, the internet user said he was “shocked” to see how dirty they left the table. “It was so dirty that three workers had to clean it instead of the usual one,” the user said, adding that he took the photo because he “had never seen such a mess” in a food court.

The internet is also furious about the photo of the mess. “Literally trashy,” wrote one user. “I feel sorry for the poor workers who have to deal with these rights holders every day. It’s not that hard to throw your waste away.” added one more. A third Reddit user pointed out that the family didn’t have to look far for a place to deposit their rubble. “There’s a damn trash can less than 10 feet away, the laziness of some people amazes me,” the user said.

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Meanwhile, according to news week, those who litter or spit in public places are subject to fines of 500 Saudi Riyals, or $133, for a first offense and double that amount for a repeat offense. But since the family left the mess in a food court in this particular case, they probably walked out without a hitch.

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