Family of young girl killed by GO train in Mississauga speaks for first time

The family of a four-year-old girl who was hit and killed by a GO train in Mississauga last week is speaking out for the first time since the tragedy.

“Mitchell is an angel, she talks like an angel. Mitchell acts like an angel,” her father, Emmanuel Nwabuoku, told CP24 on Tuesday morning.

Emmanuel said he, his wife and their three children, Olivia, Parise and Mitchell, stayed at his brother’s apartment in Mississauga on July 26 before the unthinkable happened.

“Normally my daughter is with me, but because it was an ice day, they went down to the park with their sister,” he said. “Just 15 minutes later, we got the call that she can’t breathe and we rushed out immediately.”

At around 7:40 PM, emergency services were called to the Dundas Street and Cawthra Road area for reports of a child being hit by a GO train.

Emmanuel says his children chased a butterfly before his youngest daughter ran down a path and onto the track where she was hit by an incoming train.

“They said they were following a butterfly. They played in the park and chased the butterfly to that place. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t hear anything else. Just for me to see my daughter lying lifeless on the floor,” said Emmanuel.

Shortly before 9pm, Peel Police confirmed that Mitchell had been pronounced dead at the scene.

Metrolinx, which operates the GO train service, said about 300 passengers were on board the train when the child was hit.

A witness who owns a nearby garage told CP24 he was working at the time of the incident when he heard a train honking and a loud screeching of a train brake.

“When I got out of my garage, I saw the train stop. This has never happened before,” Muhammad Tayyab said.

“Three children screamed and cried very loudly. I went into shock. I ran there…I see the body, there was a child on the side…They were badly injured.”

Residents in the area spoke to CP24 after the incident and said the lack of barriers to the train tracks is a known issue and it is not uncommon to see people crossing the tracks.

Mitchell was born in Dallas, Texas in 2017, and her family moved to Canada in 2018.

Emmanuel says she was a happy child who brought joy to everyone’s life.

“Mitchell is a lively person. Mitchell is a cheerful person. Mitchell has touched lives… Mitchell can’t sleep without hugging everyone. Mitchell can’t do anything without giving daddy a kiss. Because Mitchell is Daddy’s princess. Mitchell is everything to us,” he said.

Emmanuel is dealing not only with the loss of his child, but also with the loss of his mother who passed away two days before Mitchell’s death.

Emmanuel said that is why his family stayed with his brothers while they planned his mother’s funeral.

He added that he has no words to explain the pain of the loss of his child, but thanks everyone for their love and support.

“What can I say…I know what it means to lose a child. For those who weep for us, God will comfort us all.”

Mitchell’s funeral took place Tuesday morning in Mississauga at the Turner & Porter funeral home.

Featuring files from CP24’s Joshua Freeman and CTV News Toronto’s Phil Tsekouras

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