Father in Perth calls for stricter e-scooter laws after collision with daughter

A Perth Dad has raised the alarm about e-scooters and pushes for tougher laws after his daughter was knocked to the ground by a rider.

Volker Ritzka said his eight-year-old daughter Lilli was hit by an e-scooter rider who was traveling at more than 40 km/h on Sunday.

Little Lilli spent the night in Hopital after flying 10 meters down a footpath, and Volker said it could have been worse.
Lilli Ritzka was hospitalized after the e-scooter accident. (Nine)

“It was a strong impact, a big, big scooter, a very heavy vehicle,” he said.

The father later said he hopes e-scooters will soon be “a thing of the past”.

Lilli has to stay in the hospital for a second night to receive specialist treatment to reduce the risk of permanent scarring.

“The e-scooter was traveling in the middle, so it just crashed into me,” she said.

Paramedics treat little girl hit in e-scooter accident
Paramedics treat Lilli after the crash. (Nine)

Her father said the rider initially stopped to apologize before leaving the scene.

Police later arrested a man in his twenties, but he was released without charge.

On average, St John’s Ambulance paramedics respond to 15 e-scooter accidents each month. Most of them are classified as priority one, meaning the injuries are life-threatening.

This year, both 13-year-old Calym Gilbert and father-of-three Kim Rowe were killed in separate e-scooter crashes.

Who gives in in this scenario?

Who will the red car give way to here?

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