First Look: Ramen Daddy Expands to New Canteen on Dairy Road


Watch out for Japanese street food aficionados, Ramen Daddy is going to be big, opening a large, newly built purpose-built restaurant or “Canteen” on Dairy Road next month.

It means “last emergency” will be served on August 27 at the Verity Lane location and there will also be a brief takeover from Assembly this weekend ahead of the full and final move to Fyshwick.

Still under construction, an impression of what will be ready by the middle of next month.

Canteen Ramen Bar and Bottle Shop becomes a major food focus in the Dairy Road district, offering food, Red Brick coffee, sake and local wines and expanding Ramen Daddy’s offerings to a full menu of Japanese classics and street food.

You can expect the menu to maintain the time-honored precision for ramen while adding a flair for modern dishes. And just as we’ve come to expect from Ramen Daddy’s steaming bowls of flavorful goodness, every aspect of the food is handcrafted with love and precision (and a few top secret recipes).

Owners Eddie Ming, John Leverink, manager Ann Hsu and sommelier Kate Hibberson, all have long histories in some of Canberra’s busiest and best-loved venues, including Ramen Daddy, The Boathouse Restaurant and Redbrick Coffee Roasters.

Each noodle is produced by hand.

Eddie will team up with Chef Regi Enriquez (of Ramen Daddy and Fox & Bow) and Sous Chef Ao Li (of Aubergine and The Boathouse) to put their own spin on beloved Japanese and Taiwanese classics. For snacks, try the Chicken Katsu Sando, followed by the vegetable Dan Dan Noodles and the classic Tori Paitan Ramen.

The team loves the simplicity and precision of Japanese food culture and promises that what looks effortless on the plate will in fact be complex layers of traditional and modern flavors.

They have teamed up with Molonglo Group, Craig Tan Architects Melbourne and Swell Group Canberra to create a brand with a fun, yet sophisticated atmosphere, with a focus on Japanese and Australian sake, wines and spirits.

Ramen Daddy ramen has developed a cult following for a reason.

The sizable establishment will feature the “Noodle Room,” which will house the grain mill and noodle machine used to make their classic Ramen Daddy noodle, with a secret recipe developed for maximum chewability and texture. For lunch, expect noodles and rice bowls, “sandos” and snacks – a perfect location for a quick bite and a sneaky sake.

During dinner there is an informal Izakaya Bar with ample space for drinks and snacks after work in the communal courtyard or outdoor garden.

Meanwhile, the restaurant space will be perfect for a more intimate dining experience with plenty of charcoal and smoky flavors infused with veggies and protein. The interior space is inspired by the handcrafted details of Japanese architecture with details in steel and wood. The kitchens are housed in red oxide pavilions that frame the central gathering space.

When is a sandwich not a sandwich? If it’s a complicated Japanese Sando…

As part of the establishment, a new courtyard designed by Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture will be opened.

Canteen’s new home will fill one of the last leases in this phase of the Dairy Road Precinct, expanding the ever-evolving community of creators that has grown there. The 14-hectare site, which is slowly being developed by Molonglo Group, is a long-term vision for an interconnected and diverse neighborhood that will continue to emerge over the next 10 years.

And for those who were momentarily panicked at the thought that this could mean an end to their supermarket’s access to Canberra’s best ready-made ramen bowls, Ramen Daddy varieties will continue to be sold in select stores.

The essentials

Canteen Ramen Bar and Bottle Shop
Where: Building 3 Dairy Road Precinct
Opening: mid-August
Opening hours: lunch Wed-Sun, dinner Thu-Sat, coffee Mon-Fri.

All images by Pew Pew Studio

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