Five Fate/Grand Order Figures Shown at WonHobby G 2022

During WonHobby G Spring 2022, Good Smile Company revealed upcoming characters of characters from: Fate/Great Order and related works. They are in different stages of development, which makes it possible to estimate the order in which they will hatch. So far there is no information on how much they will cost or when they can be expected.

The first Nendoroid is one of Chloe von Einzbern. Although she does appear in Fate/Great Order as a playable character, Good Smile Company will release her under the Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya name. The unpainted prototype shows her with a big smile and ruddy cheeks, holding one of her swords.

The next Nendoroid is one of Cu Chulainn as he appears in Fate/Great Order† He is holding the Gae Bolg which will be one of the optional parts he will come with. Cu Chulainn will look just like he did during his first ascension.

The last upcoming Nendoroid is that of Oberon, or Pretender. At the time of writing, Oberon is not in the English version of the game as he appears in the sixth Lostbelt. There is no prototype for Oberon yet, but it looks like he will look just like in his second ascension.

There will also be two scale figures for Mash and Artoria, the heroines of Fate/Great Order and Lot/overnight stay respectively. They are both wearing their “under the same sky” 5th anniversary outfits. Mash is wearing a white and blue tiered dress, with one hand stretched out behind her. Meanwhile, Artoria wears a white dress under her blue cape. She also holds the Excalibur, which she has planted in the ground.

Good Smile Company will de Fate/Great Order figures and Nendoroids in the near future.

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