Former Canberra Rebels bikini boss Ali Bilal jailed for violence-laden threatening phone calls

The former boss of the Canberra Rebels bikini club has been jailed for a series of expletives riddled with phone calls threatening to hurt several people.

Ali Bilal, 50, pleaded guilty to five charges related to using a carriage service for harassing or threatening serious harm after the conversations were recorded in telephone conversations.

In a conversation played before the ACT Magistrates Court, he told a woman that he was trying to contact someone and that he wanted her to arrange the meeting, ignoring the woman’s pleas to listen to her.

‘Let him meet me. That’s it,” Bilal yelled into the phone.

“I’m going to fuck him, his mother, his father. I’m not leaving anyone behind tonight,” Bilal told her.

In another conversation, Bilal asked a man who had angered him where he was.

“We’re just coming to you now,” he said.

“Forget the bulls***.

“We’re coming to where you are now and we’ll be out publicly with everyone to finally make a statement in this city.

“I’m glad I’m going to jail for it. Let’s stop messing around.”

Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker said the talks revealed a grandiose and alarming attitude and showed “manipulative aggression”.

But she noted that Bilal had said he never intended to carry out the threats.

Chief Magistrate Walker said Bilal also showed some remorse in his report for the previous sentence, although she said that should be qualified.

“He has shown no practical remorse,” she said.

The court heard that Bilal had left the rebels, although Chief Magistrate Walker said the news was also “received with some skepticism” given Bilal’s long association with gangs.

Chief Magistrate Walker said some of the talks may have been driven by some sort of perverse form of moral authority.

But she said there was no option but to send him to jail.

Bilal has been sentenced to 13 months in prison, but will be suspended after four months.

He will also have to sign an 18-month supervision order.

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