Former Darwin resident who defrauded former employers with nearly $90,000 sentenced to two years in prison

A former Darwin resident has been sentenced to two years in prison after defrauding her former employers, Jakes Steel and Welding, for nearly $90,000 over four years.

Kristy Gall pleaded guilty to two counts of getting benefits through fraud in April, and was convicted today in the Northern Territory Supreme Court.

The first count relates to 201 unauthorized transactions she made with a corporate credit card, while the second relates to Gall who paid herself recreational leave she was not entitled to, totaling $88,273 and two cents.

Gall’s jail term was retroactive to July 14 and will be suspended after three months.

She was also sentenced to a $84,753 restitution within three years of her release from prison.

Justice Blokland said the length of Gall’s offense was also relevant to its severity.(ABC News: Che Chorley)

Emotional toll ‘devastating’ for victims

Justice Jenny Blokland said the objective seriousness of Gall’s offense was around the middle, partly because of the amount of money involved.

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