Fox sightings are increasing in DC region

If you feel like you’re seeing and hearing more wildlife lately, that’s not your imagination.

The animals, especially foxes, pop up in unexpected places. Videos and photos are shared across the DC region through apps like Nextdoor.

A family in Fairfax County sent FOX 5 videos of a fox hole in their backyard. They say 12 fox kits (which are baby foxes) were born under their patio and the mother has made it her home for the past three years.

“It’s really exciting. It’s super cute. We love it,” said Michelle Nemeth. “I have two little girls, ages 5 and 2, so they love to watch the foxes, and it’s super cute to watch them.”

FOX 5’s Sierra Fox spoke with City Wildlife director Jim Monsma, who says we’ll see more and more animals — like beavers, deer and coyotes — roaming the city among us.

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“What happened, we think, is that when we started cutting down the forests and clearing the farms and setting up suburban developments, the animals were pushed further back until there was essentially nowhere for them to live. run, and they had no choice but to learn to adapt to suburban life,” Monsma said. “They’ve learned to live among us here, and they’ve found that dumpsters offer great food and abandoned houses are to live in and once they learn to make this work it works really well for them and their population just explodes.”

Traci Tullius, who lives near a wooded area in Springfield, Virginia, posted photos of a fox taking a nap on her patio on social media. She often finds foxes sleeping or sleeping in her driveway.

There have been some serious incidents of foxes in DC, including the rabid on Capitol Hill that had to be euthanized after biting several people, and yesterday we reported on a wild fox that broke into the National Zoo, killing 25 flamingos and a duck. killed.

Tullius says that while that’s a shame, she’s not worried about the foxes.

“To be honest, if I could get one at home, I’d be happy to,” she said. “I think my husband and cats would have different ideas about that, but they’re just so cute. I have no problem with them being around.”

Experts say it’s best to admire wildlife from a distance. Don’t get too close or try to feed them as this could result in a bad ending.

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