Freeport Opens New Mental Health and Substance Abuse Facility | News

FREEPORT (WREX) — Rosecrance in Freeport joins other facilities in Rockford, branching out to reach more rural areas and expand services to people in the Freeport area.

Facility members say the preferred method of interaction is face-to-face, and this will continue with new programs such as outpatient mental health care, school counselor for school board – working with children in the area, easier transportation and a mobile crisis team.

Some of these new programs were not offered in other facilities and Freeport plans to take this new initiative to put the needs of the people first.

These needs came straight from the community.

“It was the community in general that caught our attention and said they needed services,” said Jami Ditto, outpatient counselor.

“They haven’t had substance abuse services in that area for a long time and the mental health resources they have are limited in that area.”

branching out to reach more rural areas and expand services to people in the free port area was one of the main reasons this new location opened.

In the future, facility members will organize outreach, even if it helps to directly meet the needs of the community and build programs around them.

“Freeport, although it is close, it is still far for those who have no means of transport, so it is an area that we could not successfully reach, so Rosecrance decided to bring the services to them, let’s get out to the more rural areas and let’s help a community in need.” said Ditto.

The new location is at 1631 S. Galena Avenue in Freeport.

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