Freya Josephine Hollick drops a new single, album date and Shotkickers residence every Wednesday

Freya Josephine Hollick, one of the leading figures in the Australian country, has announced the release date of her highly anticipated third album alongside new single ‘Me and Mine’.

Hollick’s upcoming third album The real world is by far her most highly anticipated yet and you’ll get the chance to see it live when she heads to the new Thornbury venue Shotkickers in September for a Wednesday night residency, performing as a duo with some special guests and free entry.

The real world has been in the pipeline for nearly four years – “Me and Mine” is the fifth single – and the entire album is the result of a recording trip to Joshua Tree, California, where she recorded with Lucinda Williams’ famed band Buick 6, and guitarist Greg Leisz (known for his work with Beck, Eric Clapton, Aaron Neville and Sheryl Crow).

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After four years of tantalizing singles, the public can finally dive into the full result on September 30, when the album is released worldwide via Cheersquad Records & Tapes. Yo

In the meantime, her ever-growing contingent of loyal fans will feast their ears on the latest release, which features Leisz’ guitars prominently alongside Australian guitarists Tommy Brooks and Louie King, as well as a string arrangement by James Gilligan. You can listen to it here.

‘Me and Mine’ delves into countrypolitan territory, the ever-popular subgenre that blends country and pop music, paving the way for modern-era American charts like Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw. First conceived when Donald Trump was elected, Hollick says the song is about maintaining power and determination in the face of an insolvent political system.

“‘Me and Mine’ is written as an appeal to the poor of all the misfits, the outcasts, those who live on the fringes of society and try to make ends meet under an outdated capitalist regime,” she says.

β€œTo all my artist friends, to all those who are crushed by those who want to eradicate originality. A boogie for the underdog.”

Roderick ‘Wally’ Kempton, an industry fixture and bassist for Even and The Meanies, helped secure the album’s release with Cheersquad Records & Tapes. He says the track is his favorite from the upcoming record.

β€œ’Me and Mine’ happens to be my favorite track on the album, a world class album that I fucking love to have our logo on it! I look forward to working hard with and for the amazing talent that is Freya Josephine Hollick.”

‘Me and Mine’ follows the first four pandemic-supporting singles ‘Nobody’s No Better Than No One’, ‘Impossible To Love’, ‘The Real World’ and ‘Vivian, June, Dolly & Jolene’, all of which were further developed in Australia by producer Roger Bergodaz and Hollick’s Australian backing band.

Freya Josephine Hollick’s The real world will be released worldwide on September 30 via Cheersquad Records.

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