Gallery: Brand new screenshots from Sonic Origins, coming to Switch in June

@XBontendo The MD collection consisted of roms on an emulator with tons of lag, sound issues etc. These are 4/5 games completely rebuilt in a modern engine with a lot of extras, tweaks and most importantly a lot of unlockables, challenges, score attacks , time attacks, leaderboards, mirror modes, boss rushes, special stage-only modes, etc. The replayability of Sonic games has always been in perfecting your runs, so things like this go a HUGE way to make it all that much better make longevity for those who really care about this stuff and have played these games hundreds of times, and want to continue to do so in interesting new ways.

$44 seems like a steal to me, especially compared to, say, $60 for 3 barely touched ROMs on Mario 3D All Stars. (Which, by the way, I also liked to buy because I like those 3 games. I’m not a Mario hater). But of course your perspective will be how much you care about these particular games as an individual. From where I stand, this will be the definitive way to play 5 of my favorite games ever – bought in the 90’s and never played since. But for someone who’s only vaguely interested, a Megadrive rom pack (or NSO expansion pack) might offer a better variety of diving in and out. I understand that perspective too, although it couldn’t be further from mine, I respect it.

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