Get an iPhone SE for free with this July 4th sale

Smartphones are now such an important part of life that it is actually a must have. Phones aren’t the cheapest things in the world either, especially when you look at the iPhone range. Not only does this deal make getting an iPhone much cheaper, but it only costs as much as a line at Verizon.

The iPhone SE is perfect for those who need a phone and want an iPhone. It has a lot of poke, with the A15 Bionic chip running the show in the background. The 12MP rear camera is enough for quick photos and the 7MP front camera is great for selfies.

The 4.7-inch screen isn’t the largest, nor is it the brightest, but the Retina HD technology makes it look better than many of its competitors. No, it’s not the top-of-the-line iPhone, but it’s still a great option for users who don’t want to pay for the privilege of using an iPhone. You even have a choice of all colors, so that’s the silvery starlight, the so-dark blue-it-should-be-black-night-black, and the crimson PRODUCT(RED). Don’t forget to protect your new iPhone SE – here are some of the best iPhone SE cases.

This is one of the best iPhone SE deals we’ve ever seen, especially for new customers. While you have to pay for your data, texts, and minutes, the fact that there’s no extra per month makes for an excellent deal.

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