Glebe Cafe Oh My Days has been redesigned as an all vegan patisserie

Glebe café Oh My Days started out in 2019 as an all-vegetable café, but gained notoriety for its ability to make typical buttery pastries, such as croissants and pastries, completely vegan. Now it’s capitalizing on that popularity by transforming into a 100 percent vegan patisserie. It’s the start of a new chapter for the venue and chef and owner David Rigby, who says the change of brunch and cafe service just made sense.

“We were mainly identified by our pastry offerings, so we decided to focus on what we did best. We wanted to use all that time and effort to reinvent patisserie classics without animal products,” says Rigby. pamphlet.

Leaning into the baking boom that plagued Sydney, the team aims to create pastries that taste so good they’ll appeal to vegans and those who aren’t.

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The result is impressive. Limited edition creations, such as a baklava croissant dipped in rose syrup and filled with a spiced pistachio and hazelnut frangipane, impress, along with pistachio and white chocolate curls, eclairs in ever-changing flavors and an unmissable “ham” and cheese croissant.

Constant on the menu are chocolate croissants, seasonal fruit danish and almond croissants, along with the classic vegan croissant that made Oh My Days a hit among Sydney’s vegan community.

Developing new products is an important aspect of the business, and this goes hand in hand with Rigby’s focus on creating products with sustainability in mind.

“One of the first steps towards this was expanding our organic offering and moving to biodegradable packaging,” says Rigby. “Our regular croissant is made with a combination of organic flour and vegan [shea] butter, which took more than eight months to develop.”

oh my days
99 Glebe Point Road, Glebe
(02) 9552 2390

Tues to Fri 8.00–14.30 hrs
Sat & Sun 8.00 am – 3.30 pm

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