Google Pixel 7 prototype reportedly appears on eBay

It looks like it can’t stop the upcoming hardware from appearing in the wild. Weeks after he was left at a restaurant (and before Google confirmed the device’s existence), it looks like someone was trying to sell a Pixel 7 on eBay.

The eBay for what certainly looks like a prototype Pixel 7 on , but it has since been removed. The images the seller posted didn’t shed much more light on the device. The front looks like the Pixel 6, a hole punch camera and all. The camera bar on the back also has two lenses.

However, if you take a closer look at one of the images, you’ll see something that might raise your eyebrows. In the reflection of the alleged rear of the Pixel 7 is what appears to be a Pixel 7 Pro – the device the seller used to take the photos. This suggests that whoever the seller is, they had access to both models of the upcoming Pixel lineup.

meetveeru / eBay

In the description, the seller claimed that Pixel 7 was running Android 13, with apps that are in the development phase. They said that the phone has 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM and that they are selling it as is with no warranty of any kind. The phone is said to have been sent from McKinney, Texas.

While Google and its Pro sibling are at I/O, it will be months before the devices, which are on a sale, go on sale. Google will definitely dig into it more at a hardware event. But given the leaks so far, we might already know every detail by the time Google formally shows them.

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