Google TV Celebrates Star Wars Day With A Homescreen Row Your Inner Geek Will Love

It gives you easy access to Star Wars content on Disney+ and in your library

May the 4th be with you! Star Wars Day has become increasingly ingrained in geek culture over the years – it’s a day to celebrate all things lightsabers, the Force, the Jedi, and the Sith (well, maybe not so much them). If you want to spend your evening re-watching all your favorite Star Wars movies and shows, be it the good trilogy, the garbage trilogy, the other trilogy (have fun discussing which one in the comments), or any of the spin-offs, Google TV wants to make things a little easier for you by adding a handy row of shortcuts.

Google TV is again showing Star Wars content on the main screen, just like last year (spotted by 9to5Google this time). If you scroll down from the “Keep Watching” row, you’ll find a new row called “May the 4th Be With You,” focusing on Star Wars content in your library and on Disney+. The queue gives you easy access to newer movies like The Rise of Skywalkerolder like A new hopeand even the often polarizing prequel trilogy with films like Attack of the Clones† You also get quick access to Boba Fett’s book The Mandalorianand The Bad Party


They appear in no particular order, and unless you have Star Wars movies in your library, most of the rows are shortcuts to Disney+, so a subscription to the streaming service is pretty much mandatory (mandatory?) at the very least.

To see this new row, just fire up your Google TV powered television or streaming stick and scroll down from ‘Keep Watching’. Once May 4 ends, the content will still be on Disney+ just like it has been all along – we’re really just telling you this because you have a good excuse to re-watch Star Wars movies today, and you can just so good advantage of it.

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