Governor takes on Zumba challenge | Sport

In celebration of Health Awareness Month, Fitbeat – a Zumba group – challenged Governor Ralph DLG Torres to exercise through dance.

The Fitbeat Challenge selects everyone in the community that members believe will make a big impact and encourage more community members to be active.

Torres was the first-ever weekly challenger selected by the Zumba group this Health Awareness Month.

He accepted and participated in the Zumba on Tuesday evening, May 3 at the Garapan Round House.

If he had declined, he would have been challenged to make a donation to the Saipan Fitbeat Lions Club or to a charity of his choice.

Chosen challengers can take the challenge on a date of their choice and can join the core class at 5:30 PM or the Zumba class at 6:30 PM

The governor joined Zumba along with his family, including First Lady Diann T. Torres.

“I can honestly say I had such a great time while also receiving a great workout. Thank you all for having me and I look forward to more Zumba sessions in the future. Stay safe CNMI and stay active” , the governor said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

He has been on his fitness journey for over three months and is committed to a healthier lifestyle.

For her part, Ms. Torres praised the community group for promoting health and wellness.

“This is a program that we started two years ago. It’s free for the entire public. We extended it to Tinian. We are considering extending it to Rota. It’s a Zumba class for all ages [and gender]† It’s for you and it’s free,” she said.

“It’s open and you have the chance. Tonight we challenged the governor to join us and he did a pretty good job. He got halfway through without stopping… At least he’s halfway through, because it’s actually very difficult.’

Organizer Irene Holl, for her part, praised the governor for taking on the challenge and bringing his family with him.

“Obviously we were inspired by the governor who leads the wellness and fitness movement in the CNMI, so we decided to do the Fitbeat Challenge,” she said.

“We offer the community free classes, which are open to everyone. We hope that with the governor’s arrival, we can inspire more community members to join us.”

Every day about 40 participants participate in each session.

“I know people are more excited to do something,” Holl said, referring to the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. “They have been inactive and are now looking for something to do. This is a fun way to exercise, so please join us any day of the week.”

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