Gym rabbit who trains four times a week shares ‘real’ belly

The photos you see on social media aren’t always representative of real life – people edit photos to make them look thinner.

So to show how Instagram can be fake, a body positive influencer shared two photos, one with her visibly thin waist and one with her ‘body rolls’ in all their glory.

Body positive influencer Isabelle – AKA fitness4lazygirls on Instagram – encourages people to love their bodies, even if they don’t have abs.

In both photos, she captioned the words “happy and healthy” and shared how she has stopped “glamorizing” underweight bodies.

The self-love guru placed the two photos side by side

In the caption of her photo, she wrote: “Rolls = health and happiness. Point.

“A body with a healthy body fat percentage will move, bend and roll when you’re in certain positions…that’s NORMAL!

“This is a body that…
– sports 4-5x a week
– is fed daily with nutritious food
– enjoy nights out with friends and family
– doesn’t worry about the calories or macros in any food I eat
– is not defined by fitness or diet culture
-lives a balanced lifestyle that makes me HAPPY!”

The self-love guru urged her followers to focus on enjoying life and explained how it took a long time for her to stop striving for a belly without roles.

The Instagram influencer promotes self-love and shows the difference photo editing can make
The Instagram influencer promotes self-love and shows the difference photo editing can make

She added: “It took me a long time to stop glorifying underweight bodies and stop aiming for a no-roll belly.

“The truth is, I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy my life and focus on more important things without this bit of healthy fluff.

“So please love your sandwiches and appreciate the freedom they give you! ILY!!”

Isabelle’s post got more than 3,500 likes – and many of her followers felt inspired by her post.

Someone said: “Yes honey!! Thank you for doing your part to normalize these completely normal things!!!”

Another said: “I had to hear this today and it was the first post I saw when I opened insta! Keep doing what you’re doing.”

A third wrote: “We loveee to see a glowing queen!”

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