Happy DOGust First, Shelter Pets Birthday – NBC Los Angeles

What to know

  • DOGust 1st, or the first day of August, is the shared birthday of all animals in the shelter
  • Some shelters will offer special goodies to the shelter animals on August 1
  • People are encouraged to consider adopting a rescue animal on August 1 and every day

Choosing the birthday of your shelter animal?

That is a multi-layered, intensely emotional process. Many people choose the day the adoption was completed as their pet’s birthday, while other families will pick another important day, perhaps an anniversary that is particularly meaningful.

And does your dog look just like a spring baby or does your cat have a winter look? Those considerations can also help you decide when to break out the birthday songs and pet-safe goodies.

But people looking for the ideal birthday for their pets at the shelter often look to the first day of August, or DOGust, if you prefer.

Because then many reception centers celebrate the unknown birth dates of their residents in one fell swoop.

If your shelter-discovered dog or cat hasn’t told you her birthday yet even though you ask them that specific question, which you often do, you might also consider handing out a treat on DOGust 1.

Think of this recognition as a way to honor animals everywhere in the shelter, as well as the shelter staff and rescue group volunteers who do so much for so many animals.

North Shore Animal League America landed on DOGust 1 more than a decade ago as the shared birthday celebration for all dogs and cats at the shelter, and several organizations have since embraced the poignant occasion.

Where do you find (and fall in love with) a Fido or cat on DOGust 1 or any other day of your choice?

LA Animal Services, which just hosted a well-attended adoption fair at Dodger Stadium on July 30, is an excellent place to look for a loved one, but Southern California is home to hundreds of animal rescue groups.

So a very happy DOGust 1 to all who work diligently and diligently to help these animals, and a happy birthday to being able to take care of pets everywhere.

We will probably never know the exact date a pet was born in the shelter, but we know without a doubt that they did.

So taking a meaningful moment to celebrate that happy fact, whether it’s August 1st or any other time, feels like a moment of grace, a token of gratitude to an animal that brings so much joy to our home, on DOGust 1 and every day of the year.

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