Hard drive apologizes to Elon Musk for dipping too hard on him

Mr Elon Musk,

As a satire website, Hard Drive prides itself on delivering funny, insightful and often searing comedy about video games and the culture around them for our readers. But that mission doesn’t hold us back from responsibility, and we’ll always be the first to admit we’ve gone too far. With that in mind, Hard Drive would like to formally apologize for dragging Mr. Musk so hard that even his nearly 100 million Twitter followers couldn’t save him from multiple times in the span of 20 minutes.

The regrettable incident happened on May 30 – Memorial Day, disrespectful – when Elon Musk shared a screenshot on Twitter of an awakened hard drive article “Zodiac Killer Letter Solved by Opening it with VLC Media Player.” The image, shared without a link to its article, has been cropped to remove the hard drive watermark that appears on all of our header images.

At first, we let our emotions take over when we responded with “hey, I’ll give you a horse if you stop taking our name out of our articles.”

We apologize not only for that applause, but also for using it to refer to reports that Elon Musk allegedly sexually harassed a SpaceX flight attendant by showing her his penis and offering to buy her a horse. We should have kept our mouths shut, as did the flight attendant who allegedly harassed Musk, who allegedly got $250,000 from SpaceX for not talking about the claim in a severance agreement.

We have to admit that we were stunned when Mr. Musk quickly put us in our place by pointing out that the original joke was just a “6/10”. It was never our intention to write a mediocre piece of comedy that Mr. Musk would find on the internet and willfully share with his followers. As a video game publisher, we understand how serious a 6/10 rating is. It’s practically a 0.

We should have stopped there, but we persisted by sharing an article titled “Elon Musk Admits He Wants To Travel To Mars Because No One There Hates Him Anymore” – an embarrassing comment that has racked up over 45,000 likes at the time of writing. has collected. We also apologize on behalf of all 45,000 of these people.

Again, Mr. Musk tried to put us in our place by pointing out that the joke was “less funny than SNL on a bad day”.

That hit us hard. This next part is hard to write.

In response, we shared a photo of Elon Musk’s 2021 performance on Saturday Night Live – an episode that the guard Called “brutally awkward” – in which he’s dressed as Wario, with the caption “well, you’re the expert on SNL’s bad days.” At the time of writing, that post has 62,000 likes, overshadowing Musk’s SNL retort sitting below 4,000 — despite Elon Musk’s nearly 100 million Twitter followers, while Hard Drive has fewer than 250,000. As Elon Musk said in his wildly funny SNL sketch Gen Z Hospital, “big yikes!”

As Mr. Musk was quick to point out, the response serves as a hard lesson for comedy sites like us. “The reason you’re not funny is because you’re awake,” Musk tweeted shortly after actively sharing a meme he thought was funny. “Wokism is a lie, that’s why no one laughs.” We’re taking that feedback to heart, as we think it likely explains why Hard Drive was trending nationwide on Twitter after the incident. No one smiles on this dark day.

Finally, we hear Mr. Musk’s take on the awakened comedy. When we wrote about the Zodiac Killer, we should have remembered that our joke could potentially be alienating to readers who support — or were — the 1960s mass murderer who never got caught by the police. Comedy should always leave room for disagreements about serial killers and also about VLC Media Player which was an unfortunate piece of collateral damage in the exchange.

We hope Mr. Musk will accept our sincere apologies. We should have known it was unwise to take on a billionaire famous for his ability to deliver epic blows to his critics (like when Mr. Musk called a diver who rescued children from a flooded cave a pedophile† From now on, we pledge to put aside petty squabbles and use our platform to highlight issues that really matter — such as the reportedly “nightmare-like conditions” at Tesla factories, which have been compared to “modern sweatshops

Sincerely, Hard Drive

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