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The times of Covid-19 saw companies ask workers to stay at home, schools closed and test sites with long lines meandering around city blocks amid the healthcare crisis, but in the third year of the coronavirus pandemic, countries have made progress with plans to reopen, trying to strike a balance between containing the virus and keeping people and money moving as they can no longer afford the economy crippling restrictions. Offices are reopening and employees are now gradually returning to a normal work routine with some fearing long commutes and traffic congestion while others are happy to return to physical offices and indulge in much-needed social interaction with colleagues during face-to-face meetings, team lunches, coffee breaks and more.

As we prepare for this phased return to pre-pandemic normality, our fitness routine already seems to be sliding down our priority list, unlike the peak period of a pandemic, when boosting immunity through workouts and modified diets topped the list. hit lists. While traveling for the office, morning workouts and evening walks can be missed or even fatigue can make people forget to keep up with their fitness, so we’ve got a few experts on board to tell the beans about how to keep up with fitness because work-from-the-office is back.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Miten Kakaiya, fitness coach and founder of Miten Says Fitness, advised:

1. Stay Active: Staying active while working at a desk is all about making smart use of your breaks and the rest of your day. It’s also a good idea to get up every few minutes for a walk and/or stretch.

2. Eat For Your Goals: There is no substitute for proper nutrition. Our food is what makes our body. If you’re having a hard time cooking and eating healthy at work, I highly recommend planning your meals and meal prep over the weekend. Meal prepping ahead of time also leaves no room for error – since your food is already prepared in front of you.

3. Get 10k Steps In: It may seem like a difficult goal to get to in 10k increments, but you’ll be surprised how small little measures like taking a break and taking morning/evening/night walks can help you achieve this goal. Other ways to stay active and track your steps include walking or cycling to and from the office, parking far from the building and within walking distance, skipping the elevator and taking the stairs, walking in a safe environment while talking on the phone, etc.

Abhi Singh Thakur, certified fitness coach, suggested: “Work from the office is back, but the good news is that you can maintain your fitness level without doing a lot of work. There are some important points that you should always keep in mind. Small small steps lead to big changes, for example using the stairs instead of the elevator, parking your car in the last row so you can walk more or moving your legs while talking on the phone.”

He added: “Working at a computer screen all day can make your body stiff and cause neck and back pain. To counteract this, move and stretch your body a little after every 30 minutes of work. the office cafeteria low-calorie foods such as salad, omelet, corns, popcorn, etc. Avoid fried and salty foods such as burgers, samosa, and petties. Avoid sugary and packaged drinks and replace them with water or coconut water.”

The expert recommended that you take one piece of fruit into the office every day: “You can also keep dried fruit in your pocket, because it contains healthy fats that make you feel full for a long period. On the weekend you can do any sport. You can see huge changes in your fitness journey by following these tips because nothing is more important than your health. ”

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