Herschel Walker’s excuse to dodge debates spoke volumes

Herschel Walker, Georgia’s GOP nominee for the United States Senate, has been accused of evading debates by his Democratic opponent, incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock. And it’s no secret why.

Walker Didn’t Participate In A Single Debate At GOP Primary (and was criticized for it). From the moment Walker entered the race, it was clear that he hoped to get by based on his fame as a former NFL star, along with an endorsement from former President Donald Trump. Walker’s campaign has mostly limited him to softball interviews with conservative outlets, but that hasn’t stopped him from asking questions about his debate plans on Wednesday.

Walker was asked during an appearance on “Fox and Friends” why he hasn’t committed to debating Warnock. The answer was obvious – although Walker wasn’t.

“Well, first of all, Senator Warnock has nothing else to talk about,” Walker replied. “He doesn’t want to talk about the high gas prices, he doesn’t want to talk about the high messages.”

“I’ve told him many times that I’m ready to argue with him at any time and every day,” he added. “I just want to make it for the fans, not about a political party or some media, and all they do is talk. I want to make it a fair and equitable debate for the people.”

The obvious problem with that excuse is that Warnock’s campaign ads calling for a debate with Walker show that he… is willing to discuss relevant matters. Moreover, using “fans” instead of “voters” is a ridiculous misstep, and I wonder if Walker believes he still plays in the 1981 Sugar Bowl.

Still, the conversation continued. When host Brian Kilmeade asked if Walker’s reluctance to debate had anything to do with the moderator, Walker hinted at a behind-the-scenes feud before walking away and posting items on his policy platform. “I don’t want men in women’s sports,” he said at one point.

Obviously, Walker can only be a gift to Warnock.

Watch the exchange here:

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